B-Class Driving School

The class B course is composed of the following sections:

• 19 theory lessons - 45 minutes each. In addition to the theory lessons, you should reserve about 20 hours for independent self-studying before and after the lessons

• 17 driving lessons -  50 minutes each. You can book the driving lessons directly from your teacher

• 1 night-driving lesson with a simulator

• Slippery track training


Autofahrerin nutzt den Sicherheitsgurt

After completion of the theory lessons, you are ready to take the theory exam (10 multiple-choice questions and 50 situation shots) at AJOVARMA´s premises, either with or without time limit (at a higher rate).

After completion of all the sections stated above and passing the theory exam, you are eligible for taking the practical driving exam. The driving exam starts and ends at AJOVARMA´s premises and takes about 45 minutes.

After passing the driving exam, you will get a temporary driving license which is valid for two years. Within that time period, you have to complete both the Second Phase (Practical Phase) and the Advanced Phase (Third/Final Phase). Afterwards you will get your permanent driving license valid for 15 years.